Friday, January 20, 2012


So you know, it's busy up in here... that's been established. This week I had a lot of work and a lot of school and a lot of work. Yes I said that twice. But I really loooove being busy. I didn't get as many runs in, because Leah had be picked up early on Tuesday and skipped part of Wednesday due to a migraine. My poor girl gets migraines! I've never dealt with these beastly headaches, and I feel so terrible for her when she goes through it, because I truly don't understand the pain. So I help make her comfortable as best I can. My poor sweet girl :(.

In other news, preschool registration happened and my awesome friend April (who is taking care of Sam while I go to school in the morning) got her ass up earrrrly to register Sammy for next year... she got him into the pre-k program! He'll go 5 days a week (just 9-12) which he's been BEGGING to do for a while now. He absolutely loves school and is jealous of his sibs who get to go every day, so I'm VERY grateful for my friend and her efforts to (a) watch my baby/drop him off at school while I expand my brain, and (b)  sacrifice her time to register him. I'm a LUCKY lady!

Also, do you buy expensive toys for your kids? sometimes I do (translation: sometimes the grandparents do), and then I regret it immediately upon watching my kids play outside. Because what do they really do? Play with sticks. And old Christmas trees. And pee on rocks. That's free, folks.
note Pete back there. With our old Christmas tree. Also note: no coats. Winter skipped us this year, apparently!?!?!

endless fun, that old tree... 
Here I sit, at the end of a very busy week. Hopefully Zach is on his way home. The kids are drawing and playing with trains. It's raining outside. I'm thinking about my 9-mile run tomorrow. I'm trying my best to understand cell metabolism, keep the house clean, and cook something other than pasta at least a couple days a week. Some weeks it works, some weeks it doesn't... but there's always a good cake to bake and a nice bottle of wine to open, so life is grand, regardless of the details. And sometimes it's hard, too, knowing that friends are having a rough go of it, here and there. One at at a time... it's a good rule to go by.

Oh, and so is this... a great article about us moms - let's stop the judgement, ladies!

Happy weekend!

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