Thursday, January 12, 2012

it's the 12th.

Thoughts with no particular importance or meaning:

*January is flying by... as usual. This is good though, because January usually sucks the happy right out of me... NOT this year! This year it's been sunny and warm and gorgeous. I DO love snow, but if it's not gonna be cold enough to snow... then bring on the awesome warm weather!

*I read in the news that the governor of... Mississippi maybe?... pardoned a bunch of murderers (but a judge ultimately blocked the pardons). My first thought was WHAT????!!. I totally get letting someone go who hasn't committed a violent crime, or who is somehow proven innocent/wasn't given a fair trial. But convicted murderers? And the victim's families still alive and completely FREAKED OUT that the murderer will now come kill them? I don't know the whole story, but thank goodness for that judge and his/her blocking power... because ONE person shouldn't have that kind of pardoning power, in my extremely naive opinion.

*I played with E. Coli today. A mutant form of it (so as not to hurt the humans dealing with it), but still, I'm back in class and looooving it! (well, maybe I won't love it after the first test, but so far it's fun). So, on behalf of my brain: Microbiology, please be kind. Thank you for eternity.

*My schedule is a bit crazier for a few months (meaning: semester) than it has been for the first few months of living here, so I'm juggling a bit more (see above). Still working at the kids' school, still taking cases from the social work agency, still doing laundry, still attempting to cook, still trying to get the kids to all their places on time. Totally insane but totally worth it, and so invigorating! I'm suuuuch a  geek.

*Trying not to wish this time away. I would love to jump ahead a couple of years, have Zach graduate, him get a real job, not be on student loans, etc, etc... but HELLO! We'd miss so much juicy good stuff. Like meeting new friends. Craziest thing ever= Leah's bff at her new school, "S", has a brother in Pete's class, "C." Well, I finally meet S & C's mamma a few weeks ago, only to find out that she, too, has a psych degree, has three kids, has worked in a different field for 10 years, and is now going back to school. Bombshell- she's IN my microbiology class!!! and we're in the same lab! and she was a pharmaceutical rep who sold antibiotics to my dad and knows him from 10 years ago in an entirely different city!!! AND her mother-in-law will teach my husband next year in dental school! I mean come on, we are ALL SO CONNECTED. it freaks me outtttt!!!! in a good way! NONE of this would ever have happened (we never would have met?) without biting the bullet, moving away, and starting school for Zach. I mean you can't make this stuff up people!

Time to wrap this up. tata for now. I'm off to volunteer in the library at the kids' school (Sammy and I LOVE going to help in the library!). This weekend I'll be running my longest mileage yet... 8 miles. What the heck.

wishing you all good happy dreams and nice dry merlot...


  1. Love your update!!! I loved Microbiology. Taking Global Health this semester while we bring Efa home and get him settled. Clinicals will start in the fall.

    Update on adoption front: we hired attorney to look over our documents and figure out how to have the strongest submission to embassy...did 4 interviews, hung fliers, and placed add...we were submitted on Tuesday. Now we wait.

  2. 8 miles!! I hope you loaded up some Eminem into your iPod! Or not, because he's pretty hateful and scary. For realsies though, if I had to run 8 miles it would only be because I was being tailed by a hungry liger. I admire your willingness to run without ligers behind you.

  3. It was Mississippi. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be from there (but then I think of Muddy Waters and Elvis and Eudora Welty and Faulkner, and I don't feel so bad). Also, you get to take Sammy to volunteer?! Agh. I so wish I could. That's what has kept me from volunteering at Beti's school--I can't bring Abe :( Maybe I should ask around...

  4. Thanks Jen! I'm loving it so far. Scared to be actually tested on it, but still like it! thanks so much for the adoption update, too.

    Alli- there might have been a Liger on my 7 mile run. I'm pretty sure this time Eminem will actually be chasing me, so I'll run really fast, I'm sure.

    Lori- I think that kind of knucklehead can exist in any state of this union. Mississippi just happened to be "it," this time. Oh well. You're right, it boasts many great things... you know I love the south :). And YES my big kids' school is awesome. They all ADORE Sammy and welcome him anytime. Sometimes Pete's teacher will let him sit in on the last 30 minutes of her class. I love the place.

  5. Exhausted just reading this, but your excitement for it all just is flowing off the 'page'. Glad that January is good this year. Glad that life is good.

  6. You have a LOT going on. I am a little jealous you're in school though. I didn't love it my first time around (and pretty much sucked at it) but I keep telling Ben that I'd love to go back to nursing school. Am I crazy? Probably. I don't even like science. But I think I'd like being a nurse. These are the things I ponder...