Tuesday, January 17, 2012


MLK day is important for our family. If Dr. Martin Luther King had not possessed vision and perspective on what life should be like, for all people, my family would not exist. One member of my little family would not be allowed  to be a part of us. We have extended family members via marriage and adoption... all of different nationalities, religions, etc... and we can live in peace and harmony... or at least strive for that... because of Dr. King and his tireless efforts. There are no adequate words to express the depth of thanks we have for his work. As I reflect on his work, I think of my immigrant friends and my gay friends, all facing terrible injustices in this country... and I think of the ongoing racism that still has a foothold, and that WILL affect my child throughout his life, and that DOES affect so many of my dear friends. I pray that we can all continue to hold tight to his vision, and always strive for equality, mercy, and justice for all.

To celebrate our time together and the gifts given to us by Dr. King, we did what we usually do when seeking a view... and perspective... we hiked a mountain!
Sliding on an icing rock! Chilly start to our hike... 

Layers came off as we climbed higher... working up a sweat! 

Almost to the top

Here we are... 

don't worry :). 

oookay. Enough of that game! Sammy didn't want to participate... he's our smartest... :)
It was a gorgeous day. We found our view, and prayed that the wisdom of Dr. King could help our present civil rights leaders, and all of us, to seek out a better view when we feel there's no hope. There's always a better way!

**speaking of a long-view and hope... I LOVE microbiology. Love it. Haven't taken a test yet, so that view could change, but I'm so glad I took the leap to go ahead and start these science classes (being a grown-up with some PERSPECTIVE is quite helpful). Also? Training for the 1/2 marathon is going well. I ran the 8 mile run (this past Saturday) in 77 minutes. It certainly wasn't my favorite run ever, but I got through it. I'm liking these little life challenges :).

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