Sunday, January 8, 2012

the new year...

Here I sit, a little over a week into this new year... with high hopes and realistic, yet content, expectations. Zach sits in the next room, studying full-steam ahead. Somehow the powers-that-be have created and even harder semester than last, which is difficult to believe. Yet, as we remind ourselves, this is an extreme privilege, to have been selected to study in this profession, at this school. An absolute (nevertheless hard-won) privilege.

Our first day of 2012 looked like beautiful hikes and gorgeous sunsets to entertain us during our drive home to enter back into reality:
These hills and forest found on the Outer Banks look more like the mountains than the coast!

This is what we were treated to as we drove back to the mainland

Just a gorgeous day all around! 

(these sunset photos are completely unedited and taken thru the windshield... it was breathtaking)
We had to leave the OBX paradise behind, but I have to admit, routine has been my friend. Just settling back into a "working" state is strangely comforting to me... I like being in charge of my brood and find great satisfaction in getting them all where they need to be, prepared, on time, well fed, and somewhat clean. The laundry is finished, report cards have been signed, dishes are done, and the floor is clean enough (sort of. Okay, that one's a lie). Toys are EVERYWHERE and tape and wrapping paper continue to appear from under the couch, reminders of many celebrations this weekend surrounding my now SIX year old son! A new year under way, a big birthday for my Pete, and a great new adventure for me, about to begin (more on that later). As anxiety begins to creep in, I can't help but push it back and replace it, quickly and confidently, with thanksgiving.
Happy Birthday to my sweet, wild, passionate, brilliant, crazy, loving boy. Life would be flat out boring without you here! We love you Pete! 

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  1. Happy New Year, friend. I'm so proud of the hard work both of you are putting in.