Tuesday, March 29, 2011


is not cool. Not cool, Spring. booooo.
let us remember... we live IN THE SOUTH. southern United States.
it is almost April.
Just to remind you.


  1. pretty though!.....last blast, it'll be muggy and sweltering in no time. Enjoy the view, it's a blink....

  2. We didn't get any snow in Charlotte- I always enjoy one last snowfall before the very quick spring and then the looooong sweltering summer. :) See, I'm a California girl who was spoiled by sea breezes for 21 years. I married a North Carolinian (that is the right word, right?:) who can mow the lawn in 100 degree raging humidity weather and not be bothered. I wilt just looking at him. hehe My point is- I wish spring lasted longer because I love when all of the dogwoods and cherry blossoms bloom. And then they are gone.

    Congrats on the house sale!!! I would cry to leave my house. Not only am I sentimental (my dad did a lot of work in our house and now he's gone), but man, what a lot of work it is to move!! But.... I think I see it in our future one day... :)