Saturday, March 19, 2011

this dude

This is my husband... and he's getting OLD! it's his birthday! He's too old to have any more babies (well, not really, but I don't think we should have any more babies right now), so he resorts to stealing other people's babies (I kid, I kid. This is our BFF's baby :). He's a fantastic daddy, an incredible husband, and has worked his arse off to follow his dreams and provide for our little family. He is a modern day renaissance man, and we're lucky to have him as ours!!!!! We love him!

Happy Birthday Zach :).


  1. Happy Happy Birthday to Zack! Celebrate big, all of you. And fwiw....I think it's no coincidence that his bday falls on the Solemnity (meaning BIG feast) of ST Joseph (earthly dad of Jesus and Patron of families.....). Talk about a big hitter patron and also one that you so clearly image. makes me grin just thinking about it! Happy Day! Love M

  2. Happy birthday to your renaissance man!