Wednesday, March 16, 2011

saying goodbye

the house is empty.
tomorrow it will no longer be ours.
it's very odd how you grow attached to a house.
it is just a thing,
it did shelter us, and welcomed home our children.
many sweet memories created there.

also, it needed to go. we needed it gone, out of our hands, in order to move onto the next chapter of our lives. very odd to love something and need to be rid of it at the very same time.

we did not hire movers, so my back, legs, arms, top-of-my-head (and Zach's) ache... deeply ache. We are physically exhausted, but emotionally? well, I feel fine. free, actually. Settling in at my parents home... it is all lovely.

this week we're also heartbroken for the people of Japan, and all they are going through with this horrific tragedy. Why do these things happen? Why?

And, we're hoping and praying with friends that their children will be united with them soon.

Because this is so fitting, I'm going to be a copycat. My friend Lori loves Emmylou Harris and posted this today. I do too. We saw her together once at Merlefest two years ago. She is magical. This song just captures it all. The bittersweetness, the holiness, the hurt and the glory of life, all nested together.

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