Wednesday, March 23, 2011

luck o' the irish

well hello.
crazy times around here...
we celebrated Z's birthday with lots of fun and many cakes, thanks to our lovely families...
but we can't forget about St. Patrick's Day, always one of our favorite days.

First, I stopped by our old house to say goodbye before the official close. I do believe we had the luck o' the irish on this one... i mean, selling a house and closing on St. Patty's day?
that is WINNING. (oh I'm so sorry. I couldn't help it.)

Then, my adorable children decided to all wear camo (GREEN) so they wouldn't get pinched.

AND it's been unseasonably summer-like here, so we really enjoyed that and played our little hearts out.

The highlight of St. Patrick's Day? Picking up our check from the SALE of our house, and drinking a Guinness, for health!

So that's the recap of last week. We're on our second week of feeling GRATEFUL to have sold our house, and we're settling into our new digs at my parents. It's definitely been an adjustment with new schedules and more driving, but it's been fun! I feel sort of out-of-the-loop with friends because I've been so busy with work. I have a big case up in the mountains that I've had to travel for, and a post-placement case as well, and some articles to write. And of course I want to love my babies well, so it's a balancing act right now! If I look too far into the future and how busy I am, I tend to panic. So I'm saying the "one day at a time" mantra, and it's working. woooot!

So here's my big internet HELLO! I'm alive! Hope you all are well, and that the leprechauns brought you a little luck, too :).


  1. i liked your update, becca :) so glad things are moving forward for you guys and your new house sounds great!

  2. Hellooo! Nice to see you are all well.

  3. Aye Lassie, a bonnie post. And the bairns are lovely. Be well! Love M