Tuesday, November 13, 2012

love, true love...

We live on this beautiful piece of land, owned by our landlord, of course. A lot of people stop to admire it, and there have even been weddings here! The son of some neighbors a few houses down got married here in the summer, and this past weekend we spied on another wedding taking place. It was the son of our landlord's good friend. So delightful to watch, and to be aware that we are surrounded by such beauty! We are lucky lucky lucky.
Leah and I spied on the guests gathering at the gazebo 

after it was over, we went to check it out! 

such a gorgeous, simple arrangement

The sweet couple had nothing but family and friends gathered around, sweet flowers, and the beauty of the land to start their married life together... I LOVE how simple it was! 
I love living here! 

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