Sunday, November 25, 2012


well, I have this lovely post sitting in drafts because blogger won't let me upload any more pictures. And this blog isn't even that old! Apparently I have reached my picture limit and now have to upgrade? pay? I haven't read the fine print yet, but it's annoying I'm sure. I never knew there was a limit to pictures on a blog. Since I'm sure blogger reads posts and spies on its users, maybe one of you spies could let me know what's up? Anyone else have any advice/ideas? I'm not up for paying... hmmm.....

Anyway, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. We didn't travel too far this year, which was a treat because driving 5 hours with 3 kids and not a lot of gas money and a lot of studying to do can be... stressful. To say the least.

I was going to show you some cute pictures of our "black friday" hike... since we're pretty anti-consumeristic these days, with that whole "lack of income" thing ;). We're not big shoppers anyway, and never have been. Zach loves me for that! ha! Hiking is waaaay better than shopping. Love the NC mountains! Then we came home and decked the halls... the kids had a great time decorating.

Okay. off to study... lemme know what you think of the blogger picture thing... if I even have any readers left???

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