Saturday, November 10, 2012

my very favorite

It's November... Thanksgiving time!

Unfortunately, I hear more Americans grumbling about politics than being grateful.

Let's review: We just had an election, where all citizens over the age of 18 were free to vote for the candidate of their choosing. There was no bloodshed and no civil unrest. We had a peaceful election. Half the country didn't get who they wanted to be president next, and yet there is no rioting, and things are calm and respectful, while those people are STILL free to express their disappointment.  I believe that our country is ultimately a good, hopeful place. I'm very proud to be an American and very happy to have learned from so many other countries and cultures too. I respect our President and believe that we should support him and pray for him.

I think we need go get back to gratitude. To help, here is my VERY FAVORITE hymn. Of all time. Since I was a little girl. It is just awesome.

Also, please keep my friend Tara and her family in your thoughts and prayers. I posted about her brother Ryan a few weeks ago. He passed away last week. Offer up peace and hope for all those souls who will be deeply missing him in the coming days, months, and years. And be grateful for the time you have with your loved ones! Every day is a gift.

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