Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween happened...

It did! It was fun. We went to our besties' neighborhood and hung out and ate a lot and the daddies took the kids out. They only lost 2 kids! And NONE of my kids got lost. Don't worry, the others were promptly recovered by a responsible aunt and a responsible friend. We are lucky like that. But remember, the DADdies were in charge. Just wanted to reiterate.

Last week was one of those where all the stars aligned (jobs, class, halloween events, zach studying like a maniac, kid getting in trouble at school, etc) to create pure stress. It was fun*.

*not fun.

This weekend has been fabulous recovery time, and that extra hour helped a lot! I'm about ready to submit a very important nursing school application, so I've worked on that between studying sessions for my phys exam on spinal pathways/nerves. I'm such a dork that this is actually enjoyable to me. DORK. Even if I don't get in, and of course there's a big chance that I won't, it's still fun to pretend like I'm 21 and filling out school applications :). Maybe going back to school will reverse the course of my gray hairs...

Sorry, I forgot about my #1 life project(s)... those 3 kids of mine... in their halloween costumes! Here they are...

the gypsy

the wolverine 

the army guy with red eyes and orange teeth (zombie army guy!)

I do think they're pretty cute. 
I'm very grateful for my kids and their creativity... they know we don't have extra cash for new costumes, and just decided to dress up with their hand-me-down dress-up clothes that they love to play with. They are so understanding and rad like that. I love them a lot.

Happy November! Have a great week...

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