Wednesday, September 5, 2012


With this lack of posting, I'm going to lose the 2 readers I have left!!!

I'm still here, barely hangin' on... This class. This CLASS! Are you sick of me writing about THE CLASS??? It's the hardest class ever. EVVVEEERRRRRRRR. Okay I'm done. But it's sucking the life force out of me, plus every free second I have. Had my first practical on Tuesday and have my first exam next Tuesday. I'm not stressed or anything. Not at all. I just studied more than I ever have for anything and STILL didn't feel confident. Not stressful at all.

Onto happier things... this past weekend we got to see my brother for for the first time in more than a year! That was pure joy! He is my brother #2, kid #3 out of the 6 of us. He is a Captain in the Army and he and his fabulous wife Ginna are moving HOME! Well, to NC at least, which is way closer than Alaska :). They were house hunting near their new base and we got to celebrate their precious baby Caroline's 1st birthday!



Sam talking politics with Shay and Tom. They all agree on leaning to the left a bit. (or they could have been talking about Power Rangers).

cousins! presents! 

Mimi and PopPop with their 9th (out of 10) great grandchild. That, my friends, is living! 

In other awesomeness, Sammy had his first day of pre-K today!!! He was SO READY. And he's SO HAPPY! I love how much he loves school.
Hi, I'm Sam, the perfect student. 
That's about it. We have another big day this week, possibly involving my BABY (pictured above) turning FIVE. WHAT THE HECK.

I'll be back soon!

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