Thursday, September 27, 2012


Life is busy... life is good!

Leah has started piano lessons, and she's SO GOOD. natural talent!

My husband plays guitar and is teaching Pete. His hands are small but he's a smart boy and I know he'll pick it up!

Sam has the voice of an angel... and loves singing "call me maybe" loudly from the back of the car.

I have the coolest family. I love that we spur each other on to follow our dreams- my kids and Zach are so encouraging and really want me to apply to nursing school, which makes this whole thing seem so wonderful even in the midst of hard work.

Today is a good day. I have the ingredients to make banana bread AND pumpkin bread.

Celebrate the small things!

And thanks to a blog I enjoy (Girls Gone Child), Sam and I just got to listen to this delightful song, and now we're off to pick up the big kids.



  1. That song is so fun and happy! And something about children singing always turns me into a stupid weeping mess. What is that about?

    1. that is totally why i cried every time I went to friday sing at ABES. OH MY GOD kids singing together is the most beautiful thing in the world!!!