Tuesday, August 21, 2012

reality bites

I probably use that title more than I think. Reality Bites. Such a catchy little phrase. And movie.

I'm hoping I can keep up the blog at least a little, for you three who still stop by, but, why yes you are correct... reality is hitting HARD, y'all.

Microbiology took work, but it came easily to me. Anatomy and Physiology can't come easily to anyone, unless they already have their PhD in one of those lovely subjects and sit around reading their textbook all day while eating plain mashed potatoes and listening to Beethoven. Because they're a bundle of fun.

I wish those people could jump into my brain and do this work for me, but apparently that's called cheating. So I will, I've realized, have to do this work all by myself. You guys. It's SO MUCH MEMORIZATION. More than ever. Ever ever ever. And I have a college degree from a very tough university. THIS IS HARDER.  (having an actual life outside of school might have something to do with that).

But I will be okay. I will be okay. I will be okay. Unless it kills me.

My cumulative final exam is on December 11. I hope to write something on this blog before then... if I don't, you know where to find me.

I'm being dramatic (you knew that already?). I really will try to post life updates. Maybe.

Wish me luck... and send my brain happy, intelligent vibes...

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