Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I'm sitting here in my house, alone.
My big kids started school (going well, thank you!),
Zach is out for one last hurrah with Sammy (and buying things to make for dinner... I'll miss his cooking),
and I just finished some work that I needed to send into the agency I work for.
I finished early, and found myself with nothing to do.
This will last another 20 hours, and then...
I'll have stuff to do. Class for me starts tomorrow, and for Zach on Thursday.
I'm in LOVE with being busy. But only after I've marinated in a good, long break. So this school schedule does a family good, I think.
In three years, I'll miss it... but I won't miss the empty bank account ;). It will only be semi-empty. It won't be full, based on the amount of debt we are piling on at the moment. I should go buy a lottery ticket.

I never posted pictures of our trip to Atlanta. Zach and I went to our good friend's wedding. Our Greg. He is like a brother to Zach, and his parents are like family. They see Zach as a son, and they all just mesh so naturally. It's been so great to be a part of their family, truly. Greg married Annalise, a beautiful, smart, wise woman. We barely know her, but Greg loves her, and that's all we need to know. The weekend was splendid, filled with laughter and friends and connection with loved ones we haven't seen in years. Refreshment for our souls.


rehearsing (Zach's up there somewhere, as a handsome groomsman)

rehearsal dinner

with Sarah, Greg's sister 

first dance :)

Sometimes we look decent :)
So now (maybe?) I'm caught up on the blog and our summer adventures. Off we go into the next set. Just got my anatomy/physiology lab book in the mail, so I'm going to geek out for a minute and have a look before getting my kids from school. Wishing you all a wonderful week!

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