Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer destroys my blogging habit

There are these little things in life, these little things that require massive amounts of attention and care and love and fun... especially in the Summer, with zero school structure... so while the rest of the world relaxes... the Stay At Home Mommy (who still has a couple odd jobs to do) is on her GAME! Full time mothering, baby! What are these complicated little things??? CHILDREN! And I have three, except one of my children equals three (PETER), so I actually have FIVE children... haha :).

Luckily my kids (who are balls of wild energy) have adjusted to summer and are pretty fun. The sibling rivalry has subsided a bit (it was in full swing as they adjusted to being around each other for every hour of every day). They are so good at just picking up and traveling to somewhere new, spontaneously. So this has been fun... lots of last-minute little trips to stay entertained, awed, and excited over the summer. We've done day trips around the state, beach trips, and will head west for a couple of weeks coming up. Back to my favorite place in the world... The place we'd love to live for a few years. Sigh. We shall see.

This past weekend was fun... full of a trip to the Zoo, pool time, running time with my girl Jodi, Father's Day wings (on the grill... this is what he wanted... grossss), rice crispy treats (yum), fun with friends stopping by, fun with next-door neighbors and birthday parties. Life is racing by, and I'm just trying to hold on- my biggest wish is to help my kids have a secure, fun, happy childhood where they learn a ton, learn to love others well, and to reach for their dreams. I just hope that whatever I'm doing as a mom doesn't screw them up and send them to therapy! Which means I should stop blogging for today and go find them... :)

Off to the pool. I have no recent pictures due to forgetting to charge the camera battery (must do that now). Busy week ahead... and hopefully a working camera to capture it!

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  1. Dude. Time has wings. And it leaves little room for my blogging habit too.

    We're headed to Sunset Beach tomorrow (YAY!!) but when we return, I really want to plan a pilgrimage to Albertson Manor.