Monday, June 25, 2012

Like I Said...

Really, truly, no time to blog.

Summer is kicking my "buttoosky" as my children say! Love my kids. Don't love summer. One particular child has a VERY hard time with no structure- I'm trying to provide it as best I can, but the nature of our lives right now is just kinda not stable. Zach was gone last weekend too, so I'm on week 2 of doing this mommy thing pretty much solo (props to all the single parents of the world- you are AMAZING). I'm tired, and I keep forgetting to upload pictures because, well, "if you don't have an iphone..." That being said, I do have Corona with Lime, thank the universe.

And, let's see... it's not that we haven't had plenty to do and blog about. The kids and their bff's set up an art gallery in our house and gave us a tour of their work, mostly of robots. That was adorable! We go to the pool and swim for hours a day, burning approximately eleventy billion calories, so I give them a lot of ice cream. It's delish. I've bought raw meat twice in two weeks, which is a miracle, because I hate buying/cooking meat and make Zach do it. But I did it, and wowed both my husband and bff. It's the little things. Also we spent the whole Saturday at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham and that was AWESOME and you should totally go someday. Loved it! Pete and I were quoted in the Durham paper the next day, talking about how much we love bubbles, because there was this whole amazing bubble/science exhibit. So Pete was "famous" and that made his Sunday :).

We're just chugging along, and I have a little work to do and not a lot of "free" time to do it, so that has presented a challenge. Running is happening inside b/c it's 1,000 degrees here, but I'm running 20 miles a week and feel great! Brooks sent me a "new runner's kit" and I died from happiness. I'm obsessed.

We're doing a lot of firefly chasing in the evenings, and a lot of praying for our friends out in Colorado dealing with nasty fires :(. My old hometown is surrounded by fire and the images are so scary.

I'm going to attempt to grow some tomato plants, but I think I've already killed them (this is not shocking. I am good at growing children and writing stories. Not good at growing anything meant to be stuck in the dirt).

We have about a week and a half until Zach is officially DONE with his first year of dental school. Then we play for awhile! Can't wait.

Real blog post with pictures coming soon- ciao!

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