Saturday, June 2, 2012

becca not running = mean person.

If you think I'm strange for running: skip this post.
If you're looking for support/community/whatever in your own running/exercise life or are just curious, read on...
I haven't run for about 1.5 weeks.
If anyone out there understands that "runner's high" thing, then you get why I'm the grumpiest person on the planet. There are MUCH WORSE world problems to be dealing with, of course, but sometimes my little world runs (no pun intended) much more smoothly when Mama gets to run. Add that to being a female, and I'm moooooody!
But in the long run (haha, there's that pun again), this hiatus will be worth it. I am frustrated that I got injured, and frustrated that it could have been avoided.
For awhile I thought I had a stress fracture, but after being evaluated by an Exercise Physiologist (who has her master's and knows her stuff... trains tons of runners and knows exactly how to evaluate form, etc), it looks more like a tendonitis around my big toe. All brought on (most likely) by being fitted with the wrong shoes! FIRST WORLD PROBLEM ALERT! Yes, totally annoying to complain about the wrong running shoes, but hey, a lot of pain resulted in that little problem. So with my "expert" Jodi helping me through the injury and evaluating my weird feet, we researched some good shoe options. I had been put in a neutral shoe, when I need more of a guidance/stability shoe due to flat feet and overpronation especially on my right foot (where my tendon is killing me). Armed with lots of knew knowledge (and a half-numb foot from icing it so much), I went to the store and tried on/ran in a billion pairs of shoes, and after an hour, I think I found a good stability shoe that is still light and fast- Brooks Ravenna (sp?) 3. I wanted flexibility AND stability and this seems to do the trick. They will let me take the shoes back of I have pain again in a few weeks, so I'm happy with that!
After almost 2 weeks of just biking, I'm close to being pain-free, and I'm sooo much happier with having answers and exercises to do and knowing I'm on the road to recovery. I'll start running (walk/run intervals) again on Monday!
I have a charity 5K next Saturday, so I'll just be running for fun and not trying to "race" like I wanted to. Zach and my bff Taryn are running too, and they both want to just enjoy it, so I'll have company :). The kids are doing a 1 mile fun run! Leah is SO excited about this :).
Here's to a new start and hopefully no more injured feet!
And a happier mommy, happier wife, happier everything...
(see the theme? take care of yourself and the ripples will move slowly but surely into serving others better... you can do this!)


  1. "FIRST WORLD PROBLEM ALERT!" Hilarious. I am rolling over here. But on a serious note, so glad you found out what the real problem was. Pain is no joke and it must have been driving you crazy to be injured. Way to get back out there!