Thursday, June 7, 2012

the adventures continued

Zach and I have become professional moochers. Is that a word? I think it is. We don't mean to be moochers, but people keep inviting us to their awesome digs at the beach, and we can't say no! Plus they are our friends, and we love hangin' with our friends, so... time at the beach + time with friends = unintentional mooching greatness.

This particular mooch happened at Oak Island, NC, which is another gorgeous and spectacular beach near Wilmington. Zach's classmate Annie and her husband Eric (and Annie's parents) invited us down to their condo for Memorial Day weekend. We had incredible weather and ridiculous amounts of beach time, which is never a bad thing!

Saturday night we went out to this awesome Italian restaurant in SouthPorte. Slice of heaven! 

Annie and the kids on the dock

Not sure who Pete is shooting here... should be the alligator... 

this was my lobster ravioli. Are you kidding me? perfection. 

Annie's crab cakes. Delish! 

Of course we got ice cream afterwards, just to get this smile! 

we hit the beach in the morning... 

and then the sand castle/sculpture wars began! (this is the girls team)

the boys team (my boys with Annie's husband, Erik)

meanwhile, Zach gained more dental wisdom from Annie's dad, Dr. Gane

and the doggies napped... 

Sam fell more in love with Erik, his new bff

Boys' castle! 

I think Annie's getting tired... 

finally done! 

time for a swim! 

nothing better than post-beach-nap hair

we all felt like this after playing hard at the beach! 
So that was last last weekend. This actual past weekend was normal, with lots of studying and doing errands. Not quite as glamorous ;-). This week has been nutty, hence the lack of blogging- having the kids home mean my work load just increased by 100%! We're having fun (I'm not really having that much fun- that's a lie. I love my kids but they are not meant to be home all day. i love school. i love teachers. i love short breaks. i do not love long summers. end confession.) and staying busy with "morning work" to keep their little minds learning, lots of pool time, and running. The kids are running a 1-mile fun run this weekend, and the grown-ups are running a 5k for Cystic Fibrosis fundraising! I ran 3 on Monday and 5 yesterday, and my foot feels great, thank goodness. Hope to have a fun time with friends during the race! Hopefully someone will take lots of pics with their phone and send them to me, because I won't be lugging my camera around, and... if you don't have an iphone... you don't have instagram ;-). Oh well!

Hope you all have had a fantastic week!

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