Thursday, September 15, 2011

Uh, It's Thursday?

This has been one of those "fly by" weeks... It's Thursday already???
Here's a quick update of why this week has been crazy for us...

*I had an interview on Monday morning for a very part-time position as the secretary for the board of directors at my kids' school. It went really well, and they specifically liked that confidentiality is a huge part of my career training anyway. I won't go blab the school's secrets to other parents, students, etc, as I'll be sitting in and taking notes on every single meeting, including any disciplinary actions taken against students or teachers. I'll only work about 15 hours a month, but every little bit helps right now, and I love a new challenge! I start tonight :).

*We had our first soccer game on Tuesday! If you recall, I signed us up to coach Pete's soccer team, since no coach was to be found. We know nada about coaching soccer, but HELLO, we won 7-0. I mean, we must be naturals. Or maybe it has something to do with an incredible little boy who just immigrated from Mexico. I looked at his parents, and in my broken Spanish and their broken English, we had a "moment" admiring his freakish skill on the field, and let's remember, he's FIVE. Holy cow. His parents are hilarious and just shrugged, telling me that's ALL he does all day long- kick the soccer ball. He even completed each goal with a cartwheel and then beat his chest. He may be my new favorite person to ever exist... so awesome!!! (ps- our own kid, Pete, refused to play. whaaaaatever.)

*I'm donating my mouth to a dental student, so I had a consult on Wednesday about letting this dude put braces on my teeth. You read that right. I'm so kind and selfless that I'll be letting a stranger, with no actual dental degree (yet), practice on my teeth. Plus, I get almost free tooth straightening :). I might regret this when my mouth hurts like hell. You'll want to check back for updates on this little gig of mine... it's sure to be humorous.

*Aside from all this, I've been, you know, keeping my day job as a MOM. And lately, that job has proven a wee bit difficult as I juggle different schools, different worries, different joys, different activities, and different (but tons) of homework. I'm still feeing rather isolated here, even with a few good friends around. We're still visiting churches (and we really have felt so welcomed by each congregation, and are so enjoying getting to know the feel and atmosphere of each church. Our experiences have been very positive!). We have a few more to visit, and then I especially would love to settle down into one church and become a part of the community. But, even in feeling sort of isolated, I LOVE our home. Love love love it. So being a loner right now isn't bad at all.

Here's what we do in our down time, which is less often now that all school/work/extra curricular activities are in full swing:

Because sometimes, you just need to play :). 
Happy Thursday everyone! (oh, and yes, do you see our antenna? We don't have cable. But this antenna gets us PBS kids for free. Sometimes mama needs PBS kids.)

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