Tuesday, September 27, 2011


it's true.
I've turned into the world's most boring blogger.
I'm doing nothing extraordinary. Weird feeling, let me tell you. Our life, ever since starting the adoption process for Sammy, has been one crazy thing after another. Full of waiting and anticipation and excitement and fulfillment.
Now that Zach's into school, we're just, like, living a normal life. I REALLY want to adopt another child right now. Uuuuh, not gonna happen. There's this little (big) requirement called "income" that you need. Apparently we don't have that.
Also? I really want to start some kind of non-profit right now (lots and lots of people in need out there! i want to be useful!!!)
HAHAHA I know.  I have three kids and two part-time jobs (did I tell you I'm working 15 hours a month for the Board of Directors of my kids' school? I am. Great little gig). And a home to keep happy while the dude I married studies his buttocks off. Sigh. I know I can continue to promote my friends' non-profits and projects via social media, etc, but still. I wish I could do more right now, and the reality is that I physically and financially cannot. This kills my soul a little.

Okay, so the conclusion is that I'll be doing this "normal stay-at-home while also working mom / housewife" thing for four. straight. years.

So. Again. Trying to live in the moment here. Trying realllllllly hard. I'm not so good at that. Actually I give myself an F. Maybe a D- if I'm being nice to myself.

With nothing crazy going on in my life, I have no blog material. Okay, maybe I have a little. But you all are going to get crazy bored with just the normal life stuff, right?

I need to be thankful for Boring. Boring is good. Boring is happy. Lots of people are wishing for Boring. So I'll keep doing the Boring stuff here. Keep it real. Because this is my reality.

Boring is neighbors who live far away through the woods bringing you "welcome" brownies :) Boring is good :).
sweet neighbors with three kids live over the river and through the woods... 

their 11-yr-old made us these last week. Adorable. 

Moving along to a life update:
*niece #2, baby Caroline, is being born right this second in Alaska. squeeeeee! So sad I'm so far away!!! Can't wait to snuggle my newest little angel.
*Pete is doing better with his school phobia (did I tell you about that? we're dealing with some pretty hard anxiety, but he's doing better. phew.).
*Our soccer team has won every game, by a LOT. Amazingly talented little guys. Pete scored tonight. Coaching is fuuuun!!!
*the heat has returned a bit here. I hate heat. Want to move to Colorado. Want whole extended family to move there too. They haven't agreed. Maybe in four years...
*I'm missing a lot of my friends back in our old town. Hi friends! miss you! love you!
*I hate cooking. Love baking, hate cooking.
*cleaning isn't much better.
*I got a Congressional Award. Like a big award from the United States Congress. I'll be receiving it next week. More on that later. I guess that's not so boring ;-).

tata for now!


  1. Wow - your boring still sounds pretty exciting :) Congrats on the award - can't wait to read more!

  2. Boring is great. Too boring? Come visit me. Did we ever determine how far away we are? I hear you on the no income thing.

    Anywho, glad everything is settled for you and you have a job you enjoy.

  3. You are so far from boring. I have to try really hard not to compare myself to other people, because when I think about all the stuff you're doing, I can start to feel like a total wankface.

    I miss you guys so much! I swear, I'm going to get my schnitzel together and make it out there to see you.

  4. Sweet dear becca. Boring is a gift. But you know that. Finding the deep beauty in the daily small things of life, it's a grace. But you know that. If you need a reminder, go unpack that book I sent you, "I believe in Love" if I forgot to send it to you, then email me back and let me know...and I will again. Love you ..... this is a sweet wonderful time in your life, and you are changing the world - one soccer game, one high five with Pete for braving the school halls, one mom moment one wife moment at a time. I promise.

  5. Congratulations on your award!

    And your brownies:)