Thursday, September 22, 2011

thursday pattern...

Whelp, I seem to be following my "I can't get anything done until Thursday" pattern, at least concerning this little blog. This thing on? Anyone out there?

This week was spent juggling three kids in different emotional places, per usual. It's not surprising that little hiccups happen, it's just that, as any parent out there can relate, you never know exactly when the anxiety or fear will surface. It seems that Pete has had a little delayed reaction to the realities of Kindergarten. And it is hard, you know? The length of the day, the rules, the amount they're expected to learn... it's a lot. But he'll do fine. Just a little time and a lot of mama love.

The kids are having a blast in dance and soccer. The rest of our time is spent on homework, baking pumpkin bread, and hanging out (lots of playing with trains going on too). Here are some images I caught of the kids having snack the other day...

Hope you've had a great week!!! xoxo.

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  1. Oh ya, fall, school, change, anxiety, and more. It's busy time of year, isn't it? Again, tea with you would be great.