Thursday, May 26, 2011

I miss you blog.

hello internet, how are you?
I've been busy... had a birthday and an anniversary (9 years married and creeping further into my 30's... i really do love getting older and wiser :))...
and i have a cold... (still have the cold. very annoying).
Blowing out candles with my favorite peeps...

making all of pete's mohawk dreams come true for "crazy hair day" at school...
cursing dear pete for making laundry that much harder...

Sammy chillin' and making funny faces while staying hydrated... (have i told you how HOT it is?it went from like 65 to 90 here. just like that. hello 90 degrees. go away.)
Leah was in her recital a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to share pics yet! she was a crocodile...
and she did a super job! it was the same weekend as her cinderella play, so she was tired out by the end of it all! but she did a great job.... loves the stage!
that's the same stage I performed on for many years... so cool watching my baby girl dance too! we'll definitely have to find a good studio once we move...
oh, and who wouldn't be highly entertained by a naked booty statue in the lobby? hmmm? not pete. didn't affect him at all.
Have a happy weekend... we'll be soaking in the Atlantic Ocean for a few days... lots of love to you all!


  1. Funny. Pete's funny! And did you make that costume for Leah? It's awesome.

  2. thanks tova!
    and NOOO i did not make the costume. All the pieces are provided, and then you have to sew it all together. And guess what? I have this problem called "i can't even sew on a button", and therefore my local sisterwife (aka hero, dear friend, woman of many talents) Alli does all the work for me. Because she's awesome like that :). and I'm lazy, apparently :). To all the people out there who can sew... I salute you!

  3. well, that wouldn't be me. I can sew straight lines. But no buttons.
    You have a sisterwife?!?! I keep joking with one of my friends about that. :) It's fun.