Monday, May 30, 2011

all the cool kids are doing it.

i'm still sick. stupid sinuses. and of course i have to take meds that make me feel really weird in order to feel better. so i'm basically useless today. however, i have some fun things to share.
first, we just got back from the beach. Nags Head, on the Outer Banks of NC. You should go there someday... it's spectacular. I love it.
(these are actually pics from last year. this year i was too full of snot to get my camera out. i'll be stealing some from our friend Brian soon. I will then post them here).
Pea Island:
Sand dunes at sunset:
Also, this was fun. We had the van all packed up on thursday night. Got in the car at 6am friday morning. And nothing worked on the dashboard. And no working wipers. GRRRR. So, anyway, it was broken. busted. Mysteriously fine now that we're back. But, we had to unload the van AND load the CAMRY. toyota. camry. with three kids piled in the back, all still in boosters/carseats. here is where i thank the gods of portable DVD players, because HOLLER, the kids did great! And it was mostly due to the great dvd player, not our great parenting, although i'd love to claim that.

onto more important things:
One thing you should do, like right now, is go HERE. Read about this organization (The Adventure Project) and then click on the #1to1000 thingy. They are trying to get Bill Gates' attention by having lots of people create profiles, and dedicating those profiles to their cause. So, you go to the site, create a profile, and in your bio you write about yourself and add this: I am One of 1000 people giving their page to be about so-much-more. We believe that by empowering rural farmers we can help end hunger and extreme poverty.

Once you've created your profile, go back and register it at the Adventure Project. All we have to do is make some noise, and then small farmers in KENYA get help, a voice, and a jump-start to feed their families and communities. Yes, that is awesome. thanks for lending your VOICE! it matters!

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  1. I'm always jealous when people just pop over to the beach. I want to be able to pop over! But it's not going to happen in Oklahoma :)

    Ummmm, happy belated birthday becca! Hope it was fabulous.