Thursday, February 3, 2011

cleaning is dumb

so the house has been "official" for few days now. Within 24 hours of our internet link going up, we've had two showings, and the first people want to see it again! Possibly today, but I haven't gotten the call yet (from the weird centralized agency that handles all the showings... what happened to the good ol' days when the realtor called you? sigh...).

A few observations here... having to wake up and immediately tidy up and CLEAN is weird. You have to be ready at all times for someone to walk in and look at your house. Does anyone see where the word "dumb" comes in here??? I have THREE KIDS! I've only had one day of showings and I can already see where this is going...

it's gonna suck a lot.

Last night I couldn't even make my family a meal because one showing was between 5:30 and 6:30. DUH I'm so grateful that people want to see it and PSYCHED that they loved it! But this could be hard on the bank account and the belly... having to eat out... hmmm.... I thought I'd love it, but I don't.

Hats off to all of you who regularly keep your house this clean. Also, you might need to go to the psychologist and make sure you're not insane.

Off to hide my laundry...
and my children....


  1. Once again, I am right there with you, Becca! Cleaning IS dumb with small kids. I vacuumed yesterday but you'd never know it from the crushed goldfish and glitter "decorations" on the carpet. btw, I melted a cutting board last week too.

  2. been there, done that. Super dumb. Thank GOD our house sold in a week! I don't know what I would have done. Gone completely mad- for sure.

  3. Wow. I feel for ya. At least you are getting some traffic. My assistant loved it but it's too big for her. She did pass it on to her brother who is also looking for a place in Winston.

  4. Hope it sells super fast so you don't have to keep it "show clean" for long. No bueno!