Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the anatomy of a tantrum

He wants the scooter, but it's not his turn...
Mommy tells him to wait for his turn, and he sticks his tongue out at me and crosses his arms...
Mommy says "No sir, you are not allowed to disrespect mommy"... and the tears begin...
Sobbing at this injustice, he dramatically throws himself onto the steps...
And then slowly crawls his way up to the front door...
Life is so unfair when you're three...

(and mommy is thrilled to have had the camera out during this typical, daily, three-year-old event :)


  1. Whew, you're not alone girlfriend! My 3 year old daughter does this daily as well...I think it means we're doing something right! :0)

  2. Hilarious. The life of a 3 year old!

    I sometimes do this with Ben when I don't get something I want. Sadly, it doesn't even work when you're 31.

  3. Gotta love 3....NOT! Della will be 4 in a weeks, but she's going out of her threes with a BANG. All morning, she chanted
    "I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant my Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddddddy" as she scrubbed the pencil marks off the wall that she mistook for paper! Daddy is in Mexico on a business trip and she's going to be the death of me this week.

  4. This post cracks me up. I just read the whole thing out loud to Abe and his friend who is over playing. They loved it and both said that they both *never* act that way. Ha.