Tuesday, April 9, 2013


We headed west for Easter weekend, for a nice break from reality. North Carolina is a beautiful state, and we live smack in the middle. Three hours to the mountains, 3 hours to the beach. This time of year is perfect for a mountain trip, and we scored some tickets to the Biltmore Estate, which is somewhere you should try to visit someday if you haven't! Zach and I explored Asheville last year for our anniversary, and LOVED taking the kids to the house and gardens. They were shocked by all of it and had a great time! Here is a photo dump of our trip.
Driving in to Asheville. See? NC has some big(ish) mountains. 


I'm not good at photography, but that gives you an idea of where we hiked :)

they wanted to climb up this rock

brothers hiking


Lunch at the top

pretty girl and the Blue Ridge Mountains

nice view! 

I think you can see why it's called the Blue Ridge

It was a fabulous day to hike! 
Easter Sunday is when we toured the Biltmore House. We couldn't take pictures inside. but it is stunning. They were having an easter egg hunt on the lawn! 

They wondered why we couldn't build a castle like that  :)

view from the side of the house

We walked all around the gardens too. Nothing much has bloomed due to the cold winter. I have more pics on my phone that I'll share soon! 

Love this view!!! 
Hopefully I'll be able to add more pictures soon. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. What a fun trip! I can't believe I've lived here nearly 5 years and haven't visited the Biltmore estate yet. Derp!

    And please tell Zach I really love his man-tights. So awesome.