Sunday, April 28, 2013

busy busy

this poor neglected blog.
we ARE running around and hanging out and living life to the fullest, which makes me completely forget about this little old space. Zach finished his semester and will begin the next in a week. We dealt with ANOTHER round of illness that involved high fevers and puke. Awesome. I have never been more ready for the hot summer sun and chlorine and the beach. Can't wait!!! School is almost over for me, thank goodness. The kids have just a few weeks left (they're on a bit of a different schedule). We have end-of-grade tests coming up, dance rehearsal/recital, exams, wedding showers, a little 5k, and good family/friend time coming up. We've had a blast the last few weeks (in between feeling like crap) going out with friends and grilling out in the spring weather. Here's a photo dump. Cheers!
evidence of yummy grilling

visiting dear friends

miss living near this mama

sunset over saxapahaw and the haw river- at the eddie, an awesome place down the road from us

dining at the eddie (I do not have a gray streak in my hair. not sure why the picture looks like that. I  have massive amounts of brown hair dye to prevent that...)

having a coffee ceremony with friends 

Leah at a cheerleading camp

lots of ballet rehearsal! 

hangin' with our people

my cuties in ET clothing! Pete only had underwear on for some odd reason... so he couldn't be in the picture... crazy kid :)

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