Wednesday, December 21, 2011

work, programs, parties galore!

I know... once again I win the Most Boring Blogger award.... I do have excuses.... lots of jobs to be had (subbing at the preschool- my personal favorite!), some contract work, being in charge of crafts at Christmas parties (x 3 kids = my brain was stretched to its maximum creative capacity).

Leah and Pete's Christmas Program... waiting to start... can't you find them in the crowd? :)

But the most fun to be had was yesterday, when I woke up and baked goodies from 9:30 until 3, and then had a magnificent celebration with our landlord, his extended family (our dear friends), and our neighbors. I don't cook well... but I bake (well, I made everything but the Trader Joe's german spice cookies)... so a dessert party it was! Complete with cider and hot chocolate... and the perfect sugar coma was bestowed upon all! :).

Teenagers (and Pete) would rather watch Elf....
Who let that guy with the Dook shirt into my house??? :)

Elf got really popular...

A great time was had by all, and it was a fun way to kick off the Christmas festivities! Today we watched a couple of extra kiddos for a working mama, and Mario Kart is my new hero while heavy rain falls outside. Now we just need to wrap some gifts and do some laundry, and the Christmas weekend can actually occur.

Nothing else too exciting to report... hope you all are well and having a joyful week! (off to watch Elf for the 3rd time since yesterday... rain rain raaaaaaaaaaaain go away!)

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