Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hope it was Merry!

Hello friends! I hope you had a wonderful celebration this holiday season... we're having a great week, and had a lovely time with family and friends from near and far. It was especially great to see my far-away cousins and many friends we haven't seen since moving... going home for Christmas is special indeed! I (of course) forgot my camera, so here are some pictures my sister Sophie took:

my dad reading the T'was the Night Before Christmas to my kids and sisters 

They loved it! 

Christmas Morning! 

A quiet moment after all the gifts were given and after we'd visited Zach's mom's house... she's reading her new science book :). 

My mom's table setting

Romanian and Chilean beauties! 

Crazy boys' table

My Mimi and PopPop- best grandparents ever, and now GREAT grandparents to NINE kids! They still walk a mile a day and party on a regular basis. We should all be like them :). They read this blog- Hi Mimi and PopPop! 

Zach (here with my brother Kyle) sketched all the grandkids for my parents and in-laws, including my brothers' new babies and Zach's half-siblings... yes, my husband is an artist... my begging finally paid off and he got out his charcoal pencils for Christmas! 

All Pete wanted for Christmas was snuggle time with cousin Laela! 

telling jokes from our poppers!

Every year that we get to spend with each other is such a gift. I'm so grateful for our wonderful family and all the time we got to spend with them this year! Off to celebrate the New Year in style... Be back soon!


  1. Super great to see you guys over the break! We need to get our hineys out to Graham for a visit already.

  2. What a lovely holiday! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas.