Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time Smother you in Christmas...


Decorations are up... Husband almost done with school (for a little tiny bit... I'll take it!).... presents at least thought about... (that whole lack of income thing is causing a LOT of creativity around here). Kids are in the spirit! Now if it could snow a little here... or at least be colder than 60*... I would be thrilled!!!

Here is tree #1 in the living room:
Yes, Action Figure Jesus continues to grant us Peace from the top of the tree.

Tree #2... first time we've had room for TWO trees!!! In our dining room area and seen through the window above... so pretty!

We have, of course, been listening to great Christmas music, and Sara Groves is still my very favorite (I mean, not to dethrone Amy Grant or anything. That would be blasphemy. But Amy is legend and doesn't even need to be mentioned. She's like Oprah and doesn't even need to be considered for the awards anymore. She's that solidified in the Christmas music history of America. Not to worry. Tender Tennessee Christmas, anyone?).

So anyway, once again, this blog will serenade you with my fav Sara Groves Christmas song. Be merry and bright!

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  1. Love the action figure Jesus!

    Feliz Navidad to you and yours.