Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black What?

"black friday"... might be fun if you have money. I'm not really sure. I've never really had money to spend, and I hate crowds/malls/crap, so we had our own adventure with my wee little family plus my dad and two of my younger sisters. We hiked up stone mountain (north carolina)! Everyone did so well... very strenuous at first, and then the rest was a nice walk (a little hilly but perfect). The kids hiked 4.5 miles!!! Hiking rock stars, they are...

Despite Zach's huge, white, scary legs frightening all the deer away, we had a fantastic time! We got great exercise and enjoyed beautiful views :). We highly recommend this kind of "black friday." Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Off to put up the Christmas tree... cheers!


  1. sounds like a great black friday! I locked myself in the house all day and I LOVE shopping but nothing about black friday sounds appealing to me, not even 10 dollar shirts at gap. ;)

  2. Amen for my kind of black Friday! Love the pics of your sweet family :)

  3. We went hiking on Black Friday, too! It's one of my favorite Thanksgiving weekend traditions. My dad (who happens to be almost 85) always picks out some amazing hike for us and joins us. So, the 7 of us, from ages 4 to 84 crunched our way through the fallen leaves and had a great time. Looks like y'all had a fabulous time too!