Friday, November 19, 2010

She Shines...

I remember finding out that I was pregnant with a girl. I was all at once ecstatic and frightened. This world isn't made for women to thrive. Of course, we've remolded it to be for us. Because we have a lot of power, a lot of good in us. (at the deepest part of my soul, I am, first and foremost, a fierce feminist).

As I reflect, I realize I was too young to become a mother, but a mother I became, regardless of my fears. The biggest indication that I was too young? I didn't pray for the health of my child. I didn't pray for her to be strong and perfect.

Nope. I prayed for her eyelashes.

I have no eyelashes. I mean, I have some, but not really. They are wimpy and weak. Not at all the kind a girl dreams of. But my husband? He has eyelashes that women would die to have. They are gorgeous and perfect and were wasted on a man. A MAN! Oh, the cruelty of life.

My daughter was born strong and healthy, on her due date. So apparently I was forgiven for my immature eyelash prayer.
But it worked nonetheless... she has INCREDIBLE eyelashes. She got her daddy's eyelashes!

I'm realizing that my desire for her eyelashes represents so much more of what I want(ed) for her. I want her to be better than me. Stronger than me. Braver than me. Smarter than me. More beautiful than I ever could be. More compassionate, more gracious.... more more more.

And she is. I'm so proud of her.
(and, she got her ears pierced on Monday... she was brave! Can you see those lashes? amazing...)


  1. jealous. so jealous.

  2. I love it! Isabel definitely got Brian's lashes too! Good for her cuz mine just stick out straight and weird.

  3. Becca, what a heartyanking tribute, and her eyelashes are like WHOA MUTHA beautiful. Oh and I laughed at the eyelashes wasted on a man thing. My sister's sons have the darkest thickest, most insanely perfectly bowed lashes too and they could care less, of course. O.A. does have them too, his eyes are out of this world.