Sunday, August 25, 2013

Maine, etc

This is my last weekend "off" for 16 months. That's nuts! I am in an accelerated program so it will go fast. I'm preparing myself to study ALL the time. This semester I'll be taking stats, fundamentals of nursing, foundations, physical examination/assessment, and pathophysiology. Technically I have 4 classes plus labs (so some combo of the above- still trying to figure out where i'll learn what), and clinicals. I am SO EXCITED. Also already tired just from orientation, so this should be interesting... coffee coffee coffee!

So this blog will be about remembering the glory days of summer, where we just traveled as a family and had FUN without having to memorize/study/go to class every day. Have I told you that Zach has NINE classes this semester plus clinicals? DUDE. That's why he'll have "Dr." in front of his name... and I won't... I'm FINE with that :).

So... MAINE! It was beautiful and cool (temperature) and invigorating. Zach's dad and stepmom have a wonderful house up there, and we got to hang out with them and their awesome kids. it was a blast!
we arrived in Boston, got our rental car, and headed for Maine! 

woot woot! 

Ready for our first hike! 

we could walk to a lot of places from the house, so we went through town to the trailhead 

headed for the top! 

blueberry picking! 

this was a public beach just a short walk from the house

yes, those are the kids swimming in the collld water! 


loved hiking on the beaches

there was a great co-op where we could get cheap lobster and bring our own bread/wine/etc

and check out the docks

we loved hiking around the tide pools

another hike overlooking a huge lake

of course we bribed Sam to keep hiking... with fake nasty cheez wiz! I haven't seen that stuff in years... hilarious! 
The end... Maine was fabulous! We came home and went straight to the beach for our final week of summer. I took a break from the camera and have zero pictures from that- only good, relaxing memories. I will rely on those memories to bring me sanity for the next year :). I'll update here as often as I can... I covet your prayers and good juju as I launch into this new and crazy journey!

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