Sunday, June 30, 2013

All Things Wedding: Part 2

Summer really messes up blogging. The kids are at ages of full-swing busy-ness... they need to be moving ALL the time. So we move. All the time. Pool, park, hiking, constant. So posts will happen soon, documenting this beautiful summer. But we still have wedding territory to cover!

After the rehearsal we gathered for a wonderful rehearsal dinner. So far I don't have many pictures from that, but my sister Sophie got a few.
me speaking. And looking like a complete psycho. I was saying something funny (possibly the part about getting a sister instead of a horse. whatever.)

My brother Kyle looking way more professional as a public speaker. 

My sister's bestie and maid of honor... looking sweet, and not psycho. What's their secret?? 

highlight of the evening... my deployed brother Tyler sending a video toast. SO AWESOME. Hilarious and sweet. 
My dad also read one of his famous (infamous?) poems honoring Hannah and Chase. It was fantastic as  usual! The next day we rested and prepped for the ceremony:

bearded Annie! 

my mama and her bestie, Teri! 

my babies looking all fancy! 

walking the dress in... time to get the bride ready! 

Teri and SB doing the hard work 

here comes the bride! 

My pretty girl

Leah and my youngest sister Sophie

dressed and ready! so pretty! 

Hannah chatting with Leah before heading out to get MARRIED! 

Our family after the ceremony. We clean up good, sometimes...
Hopefully I'll get some photos of the actual ceremony from other family members/friends soon... it was spectacular! Especially for NC in the summer... we got so lucky. Low humidity, cool temps... for an outdoor wedding it was beyond perfect.

Anyway, hope all you readers out there are well. More summer blogging to come, hopefully. I'm loving every day of "freedom" before fall semester starts for all of us. We have some great adventures coming up! I will try to document those experiences here as we go. Traveling is our very favorite thing to do as a family, so we're all beyond ready to GO! Soon, soon...

Ciao for now!

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