Sunday, December 30, 2012

Back from almost dead

I hope you all had a lovely holiday!
We had a great time with our families- and all of my 6 siblings were home at my mom's for Christmas this year! It was extra special with my two baby nieces there, and my brother who is a Captain in the Army and will deploy to Afghanistan next month :(. We cherished our time... but....
All three kids had the pukes, a few of us had flu-like symptoms, and upon driving home on Friday (which I shouldn't have done), I fell into bed and did not wake up until now, Sunday (I think) morning. I had every possible virus/bacterial infection to have at once. Fever, puking, sinus infection, probably strep throat, body aches, and total exhaustion. Fun! Drugs are starting to work, but dude, that was scary. I couldn't function, not one ounce. Right now I can't stand up for more than a few minutes but I feel alive, which is amazing!

I'll post soon about our Christmas craziness. Here is a family photo... I got bangs. It's fun but I feel like they make my cheeks look fat. Plus I'm pale due to sickness/lack of sun. I need a makeover! Everyone else looks darling, as usual! (Pete still in pj's... his day to puke...)

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  1. You better shut it right now, Becca. Because I swear you keep getting prettier and it's getting out of hand. I can't have a sisterwife who is a ton hotter than me. That is just crazy.